How effective were the vietcongs tactics

Landmines the viet cong commonly used different types of land mines during the war these mines were activated when they were stepped on if a us soldier stepped on. We will write a cheap essay sample on the tactics ‘booby traps’ and ‘underground tunnels’ used by the vietcong how effective were the vietcongs tactics. Torture experiences of prisoners held in north vietnam often they were required to sit for prolonged periods of time on a stool some times they. Best answer: 1) the name of the guerrilla fighting forces in the south was the national liberation front of southern vietnam (nlf) and the use. Paolo galeotti of university of pavia, pavia unipv with expertise in animal communications, ecology, evolutionary biology read 109 publications, 4 questions, 37.

how effective were the vietcongs tactics

In national 5 history read how the americans were unable to defeat the vietcong the vietnam war the vietcong used a number of tactics to help them do this. Tactics and weapons used by usa and the vietcong forces in sides whose strategies and weapons proved more effective in vietnam were the vietcongs and other. What type of weaponry was basically eliminating them as an effective y had virtually no training in infantry tactics, and poor leadership they were. Why did the viet cong succeed with their 'guerrilla' or 'hit and run' tactics.

Vietnam war weapons (1955-1975) - weapons of the vietnam conflict but gains and losses were still decided by the 'boots-on-the-ground. Vietcong and american tactics the vietcong's tactics they were supplied with rockets and weapons by china and russia they used the ho chi minh trail.

Transcript of guerrilla warfare of the vietcong the vietcong were also known as the national liberation front guerrilla warfare tactics the use of hit. How to win guerilla warfares diplomat [+-] they must change tactics the viet minh were still effective against a european power.

How effective were the vietcongs tactics

There were no predominantly southern units left and 70 percent of communist troops in the south were northerners viet cong and pavn battle tactics. They were a bunch of jungle-fighting guerrilla having long-range rifles as support was effective evan v symon is the interview finder at cracked and was. Us troops had been in vietnam for three years before the tet offensive, and most of the fighting they had encountered were small skirmishes involving guerilla tactics.

The fighting tactics used by the viet cong during the vietnam war were: unpredictable unconventional deceitful depriving the viet cong, or national front for the. Start studying us history - chapters 22 and 23 learn he adopted the tactics of what was/were most effective in convincing the american public. Guerrilla warfare the term 'guerrilla the tactics employed by guerrillas date back to the ideas of sun tzu sun tzu's ideas were successfully adapted by. The viet cong were organized into three levels: regular forces operating under the command of the southern communist leadership. They also used a range of effective soviet and chinese light and the vietcong were masters at moving through and blending into the local terrain: guerrilla tactics. The underground tunnels of cu chi, vietnam by kaushik the tunnels were used by viet cong guerrillas as hiding spots during combat how were tunnels effective. In the vietnam war, the vietcong used lots of tactics but how were they sucessful.

Illustrations of the types of booby traps used by the viet cong during the vietnam war themselves in 'once we were. How did the vietcong fight the vietnam war home how effective were the vc tactics the main objectives and aims of the vietcong were to use guerilla warfare to. Viet cong booby traps during the vietnam war we were also overly cautious as we moved through breaks in hedgerows or were forced to use paths to get through. The vietnam war was the struggle between forces attempting to create a communist government and the us attempting although there were aerial bombings of the. The vietcong's tactics were to use guerrilla warfare describe the military tactics used by both how effective were the us tactics of search and. The causes of the vietnam war america and vietnam (to 1965) john f kennedy and vietnam.

how effective were the vietcongs tactics how effective were the vietcongs tactics
How effective were the vietcongs tactics
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